The first car was essentially a steam powered car, obviously it is highly debated but I think it Nicholas joseph in 1768.steam powered engines were simoltainiously invented with enternal combustion engines steam powered cars stopped being used around1930.although the electric car was invented 1893 in ontario,canada was invented well it was actually a chain of people.first fredrick ontario was one of the first places to have electricity dixon was a lawyer he connected with one of his clients William still was an engineer they completed the model few years laternext topic is natural gas believe it or not but the first natural gas car was a fiat with two giant air tanks on the top then came the cadilac 1915 the bag was a giant balloon it worked while there is no info about who invented it wich brings us to the next wind 1901 desert queen they drove it through the Mohave desert and was built by miners and our last candidate is the pac car I do not need to explain it it is a battery powered car see you already understand and that concludes our list goodbye